Innovate and create with NZ Government data

GovHack is an international catalyst encouraging Open Government and Open Data.

With highly successful hackathons run in Australia since 2011 for Gov2.0, this year, GovHackAU has extended with the aim of replicating that success across New Zealand and Hack Miramar are proud to present the Wellington event of GovHackNZ.

The nationwide series events will focus on drawing together people from government, industry, academia and our wider community to mould New Zealands government data into solutions to problems and innovate national/local benefits.

If you’re a developer, designer, open data/open govt. enthusiast, civic-tech enthusiast or even part of the general community and find yourself keen to be a part of the Wellington event or want to know more, register your interest.

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Eligible entries must have

  • a descriptive  project page you make in ChallengePost
  • a team name and each team member detailed (really important all team members are listed so we can give awards and credit where they are due)
  • prize category nomination
  • a 3 minute video you submit (link to actual Vid must be lodged on your project page)
  • the source (code/schema/design) you provide
  • detail the data you have used. (remember sponsors judge and want to see their data mentioned)


Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry:

  • A descriptive project page, listing their team members, details about their project, what data sets they used and what competition categories (local and national) that they are going for
  • Outcomes from the project itself (any code, graphics, mashups, applications, website URLs, etc) which must all be made available under an open source/content licence to be eligible for prizes. If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging. Teams can put the code/source on GitHub, Sourceforge or an equivalent repository system and must make the URL available on their team page for verification.
  • A three minute pre-recorded video embedded on their project page in which they present their project. This could include the team talking about their project, a screencast of the project, and anything else appropriate for video. Check out the developer kit for some assistance and instruction on how to make a compelling video.



Jo Booth

Jo Booth
Intergraph Corporation (NZ) Ltd

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Something we've not seen before!
  • Relevance
    The relevance to the team nominated category definition
  • Consistency
    Consistency with contest purposes including social value
  • Quality and Design
    Quality and design (including standards compliance)
  • Usability
    Usability (including documentation and ease of use)
  • Eligibility
    Judges are not eligible to compete for prizes.